Resumes are more than a list of job responsibilities. In fact, they are critical marketing documents which must survive increasingly sophisticated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and, if successful, capture the attention of prospective employers by clearly presenting your value, qualifications, and experience in a compelling way. Talents Presented will work closely with you to create an attractive, ATS-compatible resume which will emphasize your accomplishments and expertise, and clearly describe how you can benefit your targeted organization or industry.

Resume Pricing
Complimentary Consultation (required)
Resume Evaluation Only $100.00+
Entry-level (students, interns, new graduates) $325+
Professional – non-management $425+
Management $475+
Senior Management/Executive $575+
Management/Senior Management/Technical or Specialized Field $625+

Cover Letters

Yes, you should have one! Your cover letter too, is a marketing document, and may be the first written communication from you to be seen by an employer. It serves as a complement to your resume because it allows you to include valuable details and relevant information that does not lend itself to the streamlined format of a resume. Talents Presented will collaborate with you to develop a cover letter that effectively introduces and supports your resume.

Cover Letter Pricing
Entry-level (students, interns, recent graduates) $275+
Professionals – non-management $250+
Management $275+
Senior Management/Executive $320+

Career Coaching

Because career coaching is a relatively new field, and one which may not readily come to mind when embarking on a job search, a resume is the first—and often only— tool many job seekers think about when embarking on a job search. So how can a career coach be of benefit to you?

Imagine that you are an athlete with tremendous promise. Now imagine that you have a coach who knows your strengths, your weaknesses, your abilities, your dreams and your goals – and who has the knowledge and training necessary to help you develop your unique talents and abilities to their full potential. A career coach does much the same thing, but their expertise lies in showcasing your skills and achievements.

A coach is goal-oriented and results-driven, will guide you through your job search, and provides you with valuable information unique to your specific career goals and job search.

A coach will provide honest, unfiltered feedback and hold you accountable for completing the many seemingly thankless tasks that are part of a good job search.

Talents Presented will work closely with you in examining your background, goals, and aspirations. We have the expertise to help you clarify, plan and prioritize your career decisions so that you can take the appropriate steps towards a career that is professionally, financially, and emotionally fulfilling. Together, we will develop a job search strategy and career management plan that you will be able to utilize now and in the future.

Coaching Pricing
Career Management Coaching $75.00/hr.
Job Search Strategy Coaching $75.00/hr.
A minimum of 2-3 coaching sessions is suggested for the best results, but is not required.

Public Speaking

I welcome the opportunity to share my knowledge and perspectives on resume and cover letter writing, job search strategies, interview preparation, career management, success on the job, or business etiquette with your group or organization, or a topic of your choice. Previous presentations have included “Success and Your Internship” for the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Program, and numerous seminars and classes for Concordia University Wisconsin graduate, undergraduate, and continuing education students on topics ranging from career exploration to job searching and interviewing. Fees are per project/presentation, and every effort will be made to accommodate the budgetary needs of your group or organization. Please inquire for a custom quote.